Bond Street Kindergarten is an independent community managed kindergarten that has been delivering high quality preschool education in Newtown (Geelong) since 1925.

The kindergarten is a double unit kindergarten and ensures excellent quality experiences in unique play spaces for all preschool children from the ages of 3-5 years.  Bond Street Kindergarten provides an open-ended play-based learning environment, challenging children with uninterrupted periods of play.  Emphasis on both indoor and outdoor play equally, ensures children learn best in a rich and beautiful environment.  The outside play spaces are natural and flowing, offering great choice to the children.

Bond Street recognises children should be catered for individually and encouraged to problem solve themselves.  Children are given a voice and empowered to make decisions regarding their play and interaction.

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25-35 Bond Street, Newtown VIC 3220
Phone 5221 5220