Our annual budget relies on full payment of all fees. Fees are set at an annual rate, with payment in four equal installments. We expect children to attend kindergarten for a full year. DET regulations require we have a maximum number of children in each room at any one time. If you miss a session, we are unable to allow make up time since we need to keep these numbers.

Should families plan to be absent for any large time block, notification in writing should be sent to the committee to make individual arrangements. We require each term fee to be paid in advance. You can pay fees by the term or in installments. Exceptions should be arranged with the administration officer.

Fees are subject to change throughout the year. If you are a holder of a Health Care or Pension Card, you should photocopy this and give it to your teacher. A subsidy for the 4 year old program is available if you have done this at the beginning of the year. The teacher is in no way responsible for the handling of fees.

There may be two or three times during the year when an extra special session arrangement is necessary. This could mean a night session in lieu of daytime, a swap or a cancelled session. This might be done in order to give all children the chance to participate and allow time for staff preparation.

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