Guide to Healthy Food + Drinks

Bond Street Kindergarten is committed to ensuring that healthy growth and development of children is a primary consideration in all aspects of our programs. The Nutrition Policy has been developed in collaboration with Kindergarten Parents Association Victoria and consultant nutritionists. This policy provides the guiding principles for ensuring the health and safety in relation to the food consumed by children while attending kindergarten.

We wish to encourage health nutrition and good eating habits. The following foodstuffs are acceptable: fruit, cheese, dried fruits and vegetable. No biscuits, cakes, chocolates, lollies, or muesli bars.

Due to the risk of anaphylactic shock to allergic children, NO edible nuts of any kind, especially peanuts, peanut butter, or peanut derivatives are to be brought into the kindergarten.


Water is the drink of preference. Water is available throughout the day whenever children need it.


We take allergies VERY seriously at Bond Street Kindergarten. NO NUTS or nut-based products are to be brought to kinder. Other restrictions may arise in different groups and these will be advised to parents at the start of the year and staff will support parents with the phasing out of these additional items.


We love to celebrate birthdays. There are a lot of children at kindergarten and so many birthdays to celebrate.

We ask that parents stick to our Nutritional guidelines and to discuss with teachers ways to celebrate in their child’s kindergarten room.

The full nutrition policy is available at Kindergarten.

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