The Playground


Opportunities for quiet play evolve from aesthetically beautiful areas of the garden.



Portability of equipment allows for varied challenging arrangements to be set for the children.


Play with natural materials is a high priority at Bond Street and the choices children make may include sand earth and water when it is available. We have tanks and pumps near the sandpits specifically for the children to use in their play.


Low branches are easily negotiated but offer a different kind of challenge to that of the monkey bars or climbing frames.


And then there is the river! It is the meeting of the ways between the playgrounds and dry or wet it is a source of scientific exploration, dramatisation and emotionally satisfying play.


A well-designed playground allows for reflection on occasions and for planned hard physical work at other times.


In following our environmental program we encourage the children to become involved in the preparation of gardens and to grow vegetables and herbs for cooking and consumption.

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